‘It was appointed that they should have Austin Friars for their church to have their service’ – a ‘Templum Domini Jesu’

King Edward VI 1550 in his Diary about the refugees from The Netherlands

 ‘I could wish that we could collect together such valuable persons in this kingdom; it would be the means of ensuring its prosperity’

Hugh Latimer, adviser to the King 1550 in a sermon about the refugees


In 2010 the Dutch Church Austin Friars decided to open up the historic building to the wider (Dutch) community in London at the very location where in 1550 King Edward VI granted the Dutch and French speaking refugees shelter and freedom of worship. The objects of the Dutch Centre are:

1. to advance and promote Dutch culture and heritage in particular, but not limited to, the provision of a Dutch cultural centre in London; and

2. to maintain the Dutch Church at Austin Friars as a monument, a cultural and spiritual centre and a place of worship.

Click here for a timeline of the Dutch Church’s history. In this picture you can see the roots of the Church’s history in 1253 all the way to the opening of its partner organisation the Dutch Centre in 2013.